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Agricultural and Business Development Campany


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Asia International Agricultural and Business Development Campany

The objective of company is to import and export all types of authorized commodities include:

☛  Various types of agricultural inputs, cattle, livestock and birds
☛  Cattle Seed
☛  Seeds
☛  Fertilizer
☛  Pest control
☛  Cattle drugs
☛  Bird Feed
☛  Sperm
☛  Agricultural machineries
☛  livestock and birds
☛  Light and heavy cattle
☛  Red and white chicken meat
☛  Day chicken
☛  Edible and jatching eggs
☛  Inputs for apiculture
☛  Establishment and running cool storages and silos for storing Feed
☛  Establishment and running slaughter houses
☛  Establishment and managing veterinary clinics, diagnostic labs and cattle breeding service offices
☛  Pest control for plants, production of agricultural products inside and outside the country, to supply all materials needed by farmers and cattle breeders, purchase and sell their yields, crops and products after receiving the necessary permits from official, to grow, cultivate and produce agricultural products oversees for supplying the demands inside the country in the direction of implementing the government policies

Contact Us

✉  Second floor, No. 2, Naderi street, Keshavarz Blv., Tehran, Iran
Postal code: 1416613448


☎  +98-21-88974371
☎   +98-21-88974476
☏  +98-9123358380
☏   +98-9121967512

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